I paint what I see - usually individual figures waiting in suburban or urban landscapes. My favorite locations are often train stations. I have been painting public transportation and the diverse people who use it in the Philadelphia area for more than twenty years. Most of these paintings explore the contrast between the human form and the architecture of the train stations: patient people waiting amid the sharp angles, strong light and the distant perspectives of the rails. I have always been interested in exploring how figures fit into their environments.

I love the feel of manipulating oil paints. I used to create large oil paintings on canvases that were frequently over six feet tall. My more recent works are substantially smaller, and I am using oil paints on prepared pieces of watercolor paper instead of on canvas. The subjects, however, have remained the same. If my earlier work was big and bold, these new ones are small and significant. Instead of overwhelming the viewer's space, they invite one into an intimate world.

My husband is a woodworker and a gilder. My newer oils are painted on heavy Arches watercolor paper, and he has been 'floating' each one of these on a linen-covered archival board and surrounding it with a sink mat wrapped in matching fabric. He then designs and hand-carves a frame, often water-gilded, for each painting.

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